The Venture Builder

We are an independent corporate venture builder. Partnering with entrepreneurs and corporations alike, we turn visions into powerful businesses that last. As a venture builder, we design innovative business models and build disruptive technologies to create equity value for entrepreneurs and investors. 

Argo Ventures

Solving entrepreneurial challenges


Our venture experts enable entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities without losing focus on their core business. 


We know how to create world-changing ventures. We either build businesses from scratch or accelerate running ventures. 


From product development to fundraising and global roll-out – We bring visions to life and solve entrepreneurial challenges. 

Part of the Argo Venture Studio

We are an ecosystem for entrepreneurs

Argo Ventures is a venture builder with focus on digital platforms and B2B solutions. We are part of the Argo Venture Studio. The Argo Venture Studio is an ecosystem for entrepreneurial ideas, talents, spirit, and solutions. Engaging in venture building and investment, we bring entrepreneurial visions to life and solve entrepreneurial challenges.





worth US$ 1bn




Every person willing to strike a new path is an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs and innovators push the boundaries of the known world. Argo Ventures is an ecosystem for entrepreneurial ideas, talents, and spirit. 

Stefan BeitenFounder and Managing Partner of Argo Ventures
Meet one of our ventures


Together with BBC Worldwide we revolutionized the film industry by realizing their vision to bring nature documentaries to the big screen. Our joint productions Deep Blue and Earth attracted and fascinated millions of visitors. With a box office revenue of more than US$ 130m, Earth is one of the most successful nature documentaries ever produced.